User Guides
Many of the world’s sharpest investors—big and small—rely on Hedgeye’s unique research process to help them risk manage their portfolios. Our mission from “Day One” in creating our independent research firm over a decade ago was to bring hedge fund-quality research to everyday investors. We are focused on that mission every single day. You see it reflected across all Hedgeye products.
We have created Hedgeye User Guides for each of our investing research products. Our goal is to help investors better understand and use our sophisticated research process. We recognize that each investor has different challenges and goals (investing over different durations, asset classes and for varied reasons).
Each Hedgeye product has a clearly defined objective: Take a common problem most investors face, and tailor-make the research output of our 40+ Macro and fundamental equity analysts to find a solution.
No matter what your subscription level is, or your current investing sophistication, all of our User Guides will help you grow, improve your investing outcomes, and better understand how we approach markets.