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Implied volatility is an important factor in determining the premium or price of an option contract. It is derived from the option's current market price and represents the market's expectation of the underlying asset's future volatility over the life of the option.

Here's why implied volatility is an important concept:

  • It's a forward-looking measure: Implied volatility reflects the market's expectations of future volatility, which is a key determinant of an option's potential profitability. Higher implied volatility generally leads to higher option premiums, as the option has a higher probability of finishing in-the-money.
  • It's not the same as historical volatility: Historical volatility is a backward-looking measure of an asset's past price movements, whereas implied volatility incorporates market sentiment, expectations, and potential future events that may impact the underlying asset's price movements.
  • It can reveal potential mispricing: By comparing implied volatility to historical volatility or other volatility estimates, traders can identify potential mispricing in option contracts. If implied volatility seems too high or too low relative to other measures, it could present trading opportunities.
  • Volatility skew and term structure: Advanced options traders also consider volatility skew (the difference in implied volatility across different strike prices) and volatility term structure (how implied volatility changes with time to expiration) to uncover more nuanced trading opportunities. 

Learn more about the Market Situation Report written by Tier 1 Alpha.

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