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STAMFORD, Conn., [July 27, 2023] -- Hedgeye Risk Management, a leading independent provider of investment research and online financial media firm, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with options research provider Tier 1 Alpha.

The partnership between Hedgeye and Tier 1 Alpha delivers unmatched options-driven market research to institutional investors, RIAs/financial advisors and individual investors.

“We’re very excited to join Hedgeye’s world-class research platform,” says Tier 1 Alpha CEO Craig Peterson. “Our mission has been to help demystify the complex and increasingly mechanical buying and selling of the stock market. With Hedgeye, we’ll be able to continue producing our market research and offer it to investors of all levels of sophistication.”

After another banner year for total U.S. options volume in 2022, a paradigm shift is underway in market structure and behavioral flows. The rise of quantitative trading strategies – delta hedging dynamics, volatility-controlled rebalancing, and market cap distortions – have altered financial markets forever. According to JPMorgan estimates, these systematic trading strategies account for over 90% of US equity trading volume.

“Being able to better quantify the short-term behavioral flow of markets is a huge opportunity,” explains Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. “Tier 1 Alpha’s research is another important and surgical tool in our subscribers’ toolbox to help them execute our go-anywhere Macro process.”

Tier 1 Alpha will offer a new subscription service called the Market Situation Report available exclusively on the Hedgeye platform which includes a daily newsletter and weekly webcast that provides investors:

  • Actionable, in-depth analysis of market trends and macroeconomic data, with a focus on Dealer Gamma and volatility-term structure, and the explosive use of 0dte Contracts.
  • Critical quantitative insights on vol control flows and expected Gamma-derived trading ranges for various asset classes.
  • Proprietary modeling of Leveraged ETF flows
  • Analysis of market breadth and key macroeconomic indicators
  • Highlighting important moments of mechanical buying and selling for users to incorporate into their own process

A Tier 1 Alpha subscription is currently available on Hedgeye.com here. (An institutional investor-oriented research service is currently being developed.)

“Tier 1 Alpha produces the kind of market research I need to do my job,” says portfolio manager and Tier 1 Alpha Senior Advisor Mike Green. Green has been a vocal thought leader on how market structure, options flows and the risks of passive investing have changed market structure and flows forever. “This caliber of research isn’t currently accessible to the individual investor and even most institutional investors, unless they pay $100,000s in commissions,” Green adds.

Hedgeye Announces Partnership with Options Research Provider Tier 1 Alpha  - mike green

“That’s been the goal since Hedgeye’s founding in 2008,” says McCullough, “to bring world-class investment research to all investors. We’re excited to welcome Tier 1 Alpha on the Hedgeye platform.”

To learn more about how quantitative trading strategies have altered financial markets forever, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Mike Green hosted a deep dive, free Real Conversation webcast. Keith and Mike discussed these dynamics, Tier 1 Alpha and much more in this conversation about what comes next for financial markets.

For more information email Dan Holland, dholland@hedgeye.com.

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As the world becomes increasingly aware of delta hedging dynamics, volatility-controlled rebalancing, and market cap distortion, the mission of Tier1 Alpha is to demystify the effect of mechanical buying and selling on the stock market. Tier 1 Alpha’s goal is to provide sophisticated quantitative and data-driven analytics to help investors navigate the modern market structure. Through continuous research and development, Tier 1 research is built and presented by investors, for investors, of all abilities to interpret and implement into personal strategies.