Below is a chart and brief excerpt from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

Long Energy (XLE) was up another +3.5% for #Hedgeye Nation yesterday as the Vol of Vol of both the Commodities and the Stocks continued to break down as inflation itself continues to breakout alongside…

Drumroll, long-term bond yields!

Oh yeah, there was that going on in a Full Cycle Investors portfolio yesterday (i.e. THEN) as well with the MOVE Index (Treasury Bond Volatility) breaking out to a new #Quad2 Cycle High of 62.42.

Long Energy +3.5% on the day to +26.1% YTD vs. Short both the Long Bond (TLT) and Utilities (XLU) down another -2.0% on the day to -4.0% YTD? That Alpha Dog’ll hunt.

And if you’re using the TSLA/MTUM correction/crash as your latest narrative on the “stock market bubble and pending end of the world”, I’d be careful with that…

CHART OF THE DAY: The Move Is Moving, Baby! - Chart of the Day