Editor's Note: Below is a quick excerpt transcribed from last Friday's edition of The Macro Show hosted by CEO Keith McCullough and Director of Research Daryl Jones

McCullough discusses how he used the Hedgeye #process to quell narratives on $MSTR. The stock is now down -15.8% from Thursday's (1/14) close. 

 FLASHBACK | McCullough: Why I Sold Some MicroStrategy $MSTR - first

Some people are triggered when you surgically criticize the fact that they run with the narratives instead of the numbers.

It’s the numbers that front run the narratives.

I hope this doesn't impact anyone viscerally or emotionally. I sold some MicroStrategy (MSTR) yesterday, because why? Because it was at the top end of the range.

How do we know it was at the top end of the range? It’s in the Bitcoin Tracker.

And we also nailed the both the top and the bottom of the Bitcoin Risk Range this week. And that’s pretty infrequent because, well, it doesn’t often hit both the top and bottom of the range in the same week.

FLASHBACK | McCullough: Why I Sold Some MicroStrategy $MSTR - QUANT