ELECTION 2020 CALL TODAY + NEXT MONDAY, OCT 26 - Election virus guy 

Join Hedgeye Potomac's Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor and Legal Policy Analyst Paul Glenchur for a quick rundown of the risks of post-election uncertainty following the voting on Election Day 2020. Given the political dynamic resulting from the pandemic, a number of changes could create election disputes reminiscent of the 2000 Bush v. Gore decision. We'll also take look at key legal issues in battleground states - including disputes that could force intervention by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Today, October 21 at 12:30pm

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Uncertainty and anxiety hang heavy across the political realm with races for the White House, Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives coming down to the wire while Donald Trump continues to barnstorm battleground states in the midst of a pandemic and flashbacks of 2016 haunt Democrat's dreams.

With two weeks to go, many races are tightening up and a few are breaking out and polls are all over the map - literally and figuratively. Many election handicappers believe Democrats are poised to expand their majority in the House, with Republicans playing defense to keep their majority in the Senate; and Joe Biden holding onto a consistent and sizeable nationally and slimmer within-the-margin leads in the critical battleground states. With a record 25 million people (and counting ) already casting their votes early, Election 2020 now comes down to three things: turnout, turnout and - turnout.

The political landscape is riddled with minefields for both Republicans and Democrats which is why we asked David Wasserman - one of the nation’s top election analysts for the Cook Political Report - to weigh in on the key variables that will determine who controls the corridors of power in Washington on Nov 4. 

Monday, October 26 at 10:00am

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David Wasserman is House Editor for The Cook Political Report, where he is responsible for analyzing U.S. House Races and is recognized as one of the nation's top election forecasters. Founded in 1984, The Cook Political Report provides analyses of Presidential, U.S. Senate, House and gubernatorial races. The New York Times has called the Report "a newsletter both parties regard as authoritative."

Nate Silver of ESPN's FiveThirtyEight.com has written: "Wasserman's knowledge of the nooks and crannies of political geography can make him seem like a local," and the Los Angeles Times has called David a "whip-smart" and "scrupulously nonpartisan" analyst whose "numbers nerd-dom was foretold at a young age."

In 2016, David drew praise for his accurate pre-election analysis, including his piece "How Trump Could Win the White House While Losing the Popular Vote," written two months before Election Day. Chuck Todd, host of NBC's Meet the Press, recently called David "pretty much the only person you need to follow on Election Night."

David's election commentary has been cited in numerous top publications including PoliticoThe New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalThe Economist, and RealClearPolitics.com. He has served as an analyst for the NBC News Election Night Decision Desk in 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010, and 2008, and has appeared on NBC Nightly News, C-SPAN Washington Journal, CNN, and NPR.

David is a frequent contributor to FiveThirtyEight.com and NBCNews.com. In 2018, his groundbreaking interactive collaboration with FiveThirtyEight, the "Atlas of Redistricting" took top prize for News Data App of the Year at the Global Editors Network's Data Journalism Awards. In 2014, Twitter awarded David "Best of Twitter" honors for his real-time election coverage.

An enthusiast for data and maps, David served as a contributing writer for both the 2016 and 2014 editions of the Almanac of American Politics. A frequent speaker and guest lecturer, David has shared his insights into the latest political trends with audiences at Harvard's Institute of Politics, the Dole Institute of Politics, and the University of Chicago Institute of Politics among others.

Prior to joining The Cook Political Report in June 2007, David served for three years as House Editor of Sabato's Crystal Ball, a widely respected political analysis newsletter and website founded by renowned Prof. Larry J. Sabato, Director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. In that role, David led the publication to correctly predict Democrats would score a gain of 29 House seats in November 2006.

A native of New Jersey, David holds a B.A. in Government with distinction from the University of Virginia and was awarded the 2006 Emmerich-Wright Outstanding Thesis prize for his study of congressional redistricting standards.