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Cannabis | Potential AZ Legalization & CT Updates  - 6 3 2020 9 34 46 AM


A poll found that two-thirds of likely voters in Arizona would support a marijuana legalization measure if it were on the November ballot. That is a meaningful shift in voters since late last year when 54% of voters were in favor.

The campaign behind the legalization effort said it had collected enough signatures in April to qualify for the ballot, but they are being verified by the state. Cannabis sales would be taxed at 16%.

Cannabis | Potential AZ Legalization & CT Updates  - cannabis 60320


The Regulations Review Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly approved the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) regulations that add two new conditions to the Medical Marijuana Program for adults only.

These additions are based on recommendations made by the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians. Additions to the program are Chronic Pain of at least 6 months duration associated with a specified underlying chronic condition refractory to other treatment intervention; and, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.