Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from Friday's edition of The Macro Show hosted by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough.

McCullough: Bear Markets Globally - 03.19.2020 giant bear cartoon

The bears are back! And they continue to live.

And the thing about bears, is that they're global. They aren’t just unique to Thunder Bay like me.

They’re all over. Just look at Asia. Check out these Chinese bears that have been going down for a long time. The Hang Sang was down -0.7% overnight taking its crash to around 31%. You had just a broadening of a sell off.

McCullough: Bear Markets Globally - 5 29 2020 11 44 12 AM

You have the Aussie bears as well!

Isn’t this a bear market? I like to draw these charts because they drive the CMT’s completely wack-job crazy. They wonder what the hell I’m drawing. It’s a bear market!

Australian stock down -1.4% overnight right on the screws right after where we shorted it again yesterday.

McCullough: Bear Markets Globally - 5 29 2020 11 43 39 AM

How about Spain? That bear market goes back to 2017! Spain is down -36% from where you could’ve chased the chart.

I don’t Chart Chase for a reason. That stuff can end your whole career and destroy your wealth. What we do is help you preserve and protect in compound returns so they continue to make all time highs.

McCullough: Bear Markets Globally - 5 29 2020 11 43 12 AM