Andrew Left, the colorful and engaging founder of Citron Research, joins Hedgeye's Daryl Jones in this 27th episode of Hedeye | In The Arena.

Left brings candor, humility and some fascinating insights for trading and having a successful career in the markets. He shares real life examples of his process, when (and why) he got things wrong, and some of his current favorite stock ideas.

Stocks discussed include:

  • Wayfair (W)
  • Tesla (TSLA)
  • McKesson (MCK)
  • Grand Canyon Education (LOPE)
  • Netflix (NFLX)
  • Restoration Hardware (RH)

 Below is a sneak peak of Left opening up about his short-selling process:

Left: "Why now? Okay. I'm assuming that I'm not the only person reading that [company] filing. Yup. This is a game that's played on a global scale. You know, when I'm in bed, there's somebody in Singapore reading the filings and when he's in bed someone's in Australia reading the filings.

Why now? And how is the setup on it? And that's a very, very important thing because being short in a bull market like we've been in is a complete beyond frustrating experience..."

Jones: "When you say why now, you're not necessarily talking about a specific catalyst, like an earnings report, you're talking more about almost like sentiment changing around a sector or a company?"

Left: "What's going to make the stock go lower? It doesn't make a difference if you're right, you have to be right at the right time."

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Learn more about Citron Research and Andrew Left HERE.You can follow him on twitter at @CitronResearch.