Editor's Note: Click the play button to listen to a new conversation between hedge fund manager and MacroVoices podcast host Erik Townsend and Hedgeye Founder & CEO Keith McCullough. (Keith's interview begins around the 21 minute mark.)

Erik and Keith discuss our Macro team’s top 3 themes for 4Q 2019: #Quad4, Then #Quad2 Or #Quad3?; EPS #Slowing; and #InflationAccelerating.

*  *  *

Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Keith McCullough to MacroVoices. Erik and Keith discuss:

  • Q4 2019 Macro themes–What is next? 
  • Inflation or stagflation – is time to own gold?
  • What is next for the Chinese economy?
  • Outlook on US dollar
  • Equity markets – FOMO vs. deteriorating earnings expectations
  • Perspective on the market melt up
  • Labor share of income and corporate margins
  • Long short pairs trade in software industry