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Below is a brief excerpt transcribed from today's edition of The Macro Show hosted by CEO Keith McCullough.

Don't Dip Your Toe In Shark Infested #Quad4 Waters? - consensus cartoon 06.21.2016


Would you look at the sectors yesterday!

Be honest with me… Did you front run the Quads or not? Just admit it if you did.

That’s the deal if you dip your toe in shark infested Quad 4 waters, you can very well lose it. QUICK. In fact you might have lost two or three fingers and toes at this point if you moved into buying Quad 2 assets trying to front run the Quads. You got bodybagged!

The biggest drawdowns yesterday came in Energy and Industrials and in particular we saw Oil and Gas stocks (XLP) down -3.6%. Here's a look at out sector performance chart.

Don't Dip Your Toe In Shark Infested #Quad4 Waters? - 10 2 2019 10 48 08 AM

I know what I want to buy in the upcoming Quads. We’re the ones who taught you the Quad model! We’re all in the same boat knowing where we want to go, just be careful and don’t dip the toes in the water until we damn well know. If you do? Well that's on you. So remember that when you try and front run the Quads.

If you didn’t jump the gun good for you! You’re still waiting and long that Quad 4 portfolio and you’re quite happy about it. REITS were only down about -0.2% yesterday!

Think about that against all your shorts while sticking to the #process.