Takeaway: The Generational Long Wave & the Future of Technology


  • Date & Time: Wednesday 7/24 @ 10AM ET
  • Dial-In & Video Link with Slides: To be provided shortly before the call

We have had a great technology cycle. But as we look out into the longer-term future--say, the next five or ten years--we are starting to ask some fundamental questions.

Is Apple hitting the wall because we're all saturated with gadgets? Do price-taking pro-sumer companies like Dropbox show that unit adoption by solo entrepreneurs has reached a standstill? Do the basic missions of Uber and Lyft to revolutionize transportation (by chewing up and then replacing drivers) coincide at all with the social aspirations of the rising generation? Oh, and just how will the "techlash" and "break up Big Tech" movements hit our bottom lines?

You can't begin to answer these questions without thinking about demographic and generational change. Like it or not, Millennials are taking over as consumers, workers, and voters--and they may not take the tech industry in the same direction that Xers (&Boomers) always expected.

To figure all this out, I reached out to Hedgeye's Managing Director of Technology, Ami Joseph. I am getting together with Ami in the studio on Wednesday July 24 @10am to ask the right questions that will help us uncover new ground for our work in the coming years.

Key areas of focus:

  • Where are we in the long-term historical cycle of technological innovation?
  • How is this cycle driven by generational change? And what exactly are those changes?
  • What are the most important behavioral and attitudinal shifts we can expect over the next decade?
  • Which types of companies and technologies stand to win or lose owing to the new generation of the buyers and decision-makers in the Millennial generation? 

Join us!

Neil Howe
Managing Director


Ami Joseph
Managing Director 


Yosef Vaitsblit