Takeaway: Join us in studio on Thursday at 10am ET as we offer up a fresh perspective on the second largest player in the payments space.

Institutional investors are invited to join us for the next installment of our latest initiative to take on the large and still growing payments industry. We will offer a fresh perspective and detailed contextualization of the risk and return profiles underlying the various players in the space.

Email sales@hedgeye.com for access.

New Best Idea Long | Mastercard $MA - zvv

Having begun with a thorough study of the card network space's largest player, Visa (V), we look next to its chief rival and duopoly partner Mastercard (MA). 

Like Visa, there is no shortage of well-founded optimism fueling the rise in Mastercard shares; hence, in order to form a rigorous understanding of the stock's rich valuation and consensus long case, we have developed a comprehensive framework to fully quantify the risk and return potential facing the stock based on the business' existing set of competitive advantages and the pressures, from a changing industry landscape, on its dominant industry position.


  • A standardized analysis of the base-level payments opportunity that is C2B, providing a rigorous, probability-weighted set of conclusions for investors to form sound long-term expectations around as they look for the best and most efficient way to risk manage their positions among the card networks, and in particular, Mastercard. 
  • A look into the full payments opportunity beyond C2B, namely in the B2B space among others.
  • Complementing our long-term view, we will also provide intermediate and shorter-term frameworks, based upon Hedgeye's overarching quad model and our proprietary AI-driven stock selection tool, on how to trade the stock.
  • Exploring the differences and competitive dynamics between Visa and Mastercard, and giving our take on which stock represents the greater, relative opportunity.
  • Contextualizing Mastercard's key strategic acquisitions to better understand its vision for the future and how it plans to adapt to a rapidly changing payments landscape while growing its already strong industry position.
  • A dive into the often forgotten Other Revenues line-item, namely the large, secondary opportunity embedded in Mastercard's growing data analytics and research offering.