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Watch the replay below.

Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin and Health Policy analyst Emily Evans reviewed their sector's current Position Monitor, cannabis regulations and more.

CLICK HERE to access the associated slides.

HEALTHCARE WEBCAST  REPLAY | Cannabis Regulation, DVA, & More - quad HC volume


  • Cannabis Regulation - The FDA’s “Scientific Data and Information about Products Containing Cannabis or Cannabis-Derived Compounds; Public Hearing” shed some new light on the developing policies around cannabis. We’ll cover the major takeaways from Emily Evans.
  • Davita Inc (DVA) -  Documents related to the lawsuit between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and DVA were released continuing the slow unwind of National Kidney Fund sponsored insurance premium support and Davita’s business model. We see overlap between the BCBS lawsuit and California legislation AB290.
  • Sentiment vs Fundamentals - The Bureau of Labor Statistics will report employment figures Friday, June 7th which provides some key inputs to our views on the U.S. Medical Economy. Ahead of the report we’ve been retesting assumptions about the trends we’ve been seeing. As growth slows in the U.S., does medical consumption slow as well? It seems the answer to that question, as it typically is with anything Health Care, it depends. The biggest takeaway from our Quad vs Health Care Volume chart is the government seems to pick up the tab in Quad 4. While sentiment readings continue to deteriorate, do the fundamentals matter? 
  • Live Q&A