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Takeaway: "At this stage in my career, it’s less about financial success and more about what it is that we’re building and trying to accomplish."

In this installment of "In The Arena," host Daryl Jones is joined by one of Hedgeye’s first employees, Senior Macro analyst Darius Dale. At 31-years old, Darius discusses his career trajectory – from Yale student athlete, to Hedgeye administrative assistant, to now Senior Macro analyst and Managing Director.

Darius and Daryl also talk about the importance of “learning how to deal with failure,” how rapidly the financial industry has changed in recent years and the future of finance — including strategies employed by some of the best fund managers to beat the markets.


Our Director of Sales Daryl Jones will be your personal tour guide into the world of Hedgeye and the investing world beyond. This podcast offers an inside glimpse into our "locker room," our failures, our wins, and most importantly, our investment processes.

Here's a glimpse inside episode 2 with Senior Macro analyst Darius Dale...

"At this stage in my career, it’s less about financial success and more about what it is that we’re building and trying to accomplish. I really do share Keith’s vision for the firm. 

There’s this feedback loop with clients where they ask us questions and we dig deeper and deeper to find the answer. The deeper we go the better our own process becomes. And in this feedback loop clients are telling us, ‘You guys are really additive to what we’re doing.’

The best part is that this feedback comes from the head of fixed income at the largest fixed income portfolio manager all the way down to someone in Winston/Salem who runs a small RIA. To help people is really awesome. Obviously, there’s a monetary reward for that but when our inbox is filled with people who are asking questions and we’re becoming part of their own process that is really cool." —Darius Dale, Senior Macro analyst

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