CHART OF THE DAY: Why We're Confident There Will Be More #GrowthSlowing Data?

Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt and chart from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. Click here to learn more.


"... Data? Why am I confident that it will be more #GrowthSlowing data?

  1. Because Durable Goods are going to be reported this morning and they’re in a #recession
  2. US GDP is going to be reported tomorrow and it’s closer to 1% y/y than it’s been all year
  3. Personal Income and Consumption is set to slow (rate of change) on Friday" 

CHART OF THE DAY: Why We're Confident There Will Be More #GrowthSlowing Data? - 09.28.16 EL Chart

What To Expect On Today's Fed Yip-Yap Day

Takeaway: Another "rates are up on Fed" yip-yap day.

All quiet this morning...


Ahead of Yellen and her band of Fed Speakers back to the front line of “news-flow” today – Trump/Clinton can eat cake!


The Dollar is up small (+0.1% at 95.54 USD Index) ahead of Janet’s testimony in front of the House Financial Services committee (a brilliant bunch indeed) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to talk hawkish amidst acting dovish. Don’t forget that she’s a Democrat who wants to paint the economy as “good”, even though GDP will be reported at 1% tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Gold is down small on Fed Head speaker day (they don't like Gold). Another buying opportunity if you see $1315 or lower.


Anyone else getting tired of these guys and gals yet? Here's San Francisco Fed John Williams yesterday:


"It is getting harder and harder to justify interest rates being so incredibly low given where the U.S. economy is and where it is going. I would support an interest rate increase. I think that the economy can handle that. I don’t think that would stall, slow or derail the economic expansion."

Williams, retire buddy.


All in, this should be another "rates are up on Fed" yip-yap day, only because they bounced off low-end of Hedgeye's risk range.


What To Expect On Today's Fed Yip-Yap Day - Fed hawkish dovish cartoon 09.20.2016

Cartoon of the Day: Yellen's Arcade

Cartoon of the Day: Yellen's Arcade - Yellen   toy animals 09.27.2016


The Fed isn't "data dependent." It's S&P 500 dependent and will do anything to keep the bull market going. 

Sell American Express, Capital One & Discover

Takeaway: Credit card lenders are value traps with downside risk that should be avoided/shorted this late in the cycle.

Sell American Express, Capital One & Discover - credit cards


The Hedgeye Financials Team, led by Sector Head Josh Steiner, will be hosting a conference call tomorrow (at 1pm ET) to run through their outlook on Credit Card lenders.


Credit Card lenders are notoriously cyclical stocks that should be avoided/shorted late in the cycle. The cycle is late. 


Credit is deteriorating. Rapid loan growth is obfuscating underlying performance, and seasonality headwinds will combine with cyclical pressures to make both the intermediate term and longer-term outlook very challenging for the group.


Capital One (COF), Discover (DFS) and American Express (AXP) all have underappreciated risks.


  • Delinquencies are rising quickly across the group.
  • Roll rates are deteriorating.
  • Bankruptcy tailwinds are reversing.
  • Subprime and deep subprime exposures have grown significantly, creating more downside risk than people realize.



Attendance on this call is limited. Please note if you are not a current subscriber to our Financials research there will be a fee associated with this research call and related material. Ping for more information.

UberPOOL: The Future Of Public Transportation (& WAB Short Call Catalyst)?

Editor’s Note: Is uberPOOL a major technological event that will alter public transportation forever? And did Wabtec (WAB) just pay a premium to acquire Faiveley ahead of this revolutionary new change? Below is a brief excerpt from an institutional research note written by Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver discussing uberPOOL and its implications for his WAB short call.


UberPOOL Could Be HUGE:  Pre-tax dollars can now be used for UberPOOL in New York City through TransitChek, with broader expansion coming to many key cities.  Even if this and related services sap just a few percentage points of transit demand, it can have a significant impact on total transit capital spending.  Importantly, bureaucrats hesitant to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on public transit equipment may wait to see if ridesharing services could fill the gap instead. If it works here, it can reasonably be expected to go global. Is Wabtec into Faiveley at a premium price ahead of a major shift in government capital equipment expenditure?  


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Understanding ‘The Biggest Number In All Of Retail’ (In 30 Seconds Or Less)

In this brief excerpt from The Macro Show earlier today, Hedgeye Retail analyst Alec Richards explains the investing implications behind “the biggest number in all of retail.”


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