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Takeaway: We will provide a comprehensive overview of our #ACATaper and Healthcare Deflation themes with new datasets and analysis.

CALL INVITE | HEALTHCARE THEMES (7/14/16 at 11:00AM ET) - insurance coverage

3Q16 healthcare themes conference call

We hope you can join us for our 3Q16 Healthcare Themes Call on Thursday, July 14th at 11 AM ET.  We will provide a comprehensive update of our #ACATaper and Healthcare #Deflation themes with new datasets and analysis.  The U.S. Medical Economy remains extended after the largest expansion in insured medical consumers in a generation.  Slowing growth in medical consumers, continued deterioration in affordability, aggressive payor reforms, company leverage at 15-year highs, and multiples at 10-year highs is a recipe for downside.  We don't believe that the U.S. Medical Economy growth recovery of 2014 -2015 is durable, but rather a temporary boost in consumption driven by massive government stimulus.

We are also extremely pleased to announce that Emily Evans, Director of Health Policy at Hedgeye, will be joining the presentation and sharing her views on major policy initiatives including Alternative Payment Models, MACRA, and post-acute reform, among other topics that significantly impact our fundamental views.

Please contact  for further information.  An invite with dial-in instructions will be sent to subscribers ahead of the conference call.


CALL INVITE | HEALTHCARE THEMES (7/14/16 at 11:00AM ET) - 20160707 Themes Cover2

key topics WILL include

#ACATaper Update and Review

    • JOLTS and Medicaid Pent-Up Demand
    • Exchange Enrollment
    • Premium/Deductible Affordability

Demographic Trends

    • Impact of Aging Population
    • Per Capita Spend by Age Cohort
    • Utilization History

#Recession Risk

    • Employment vs. Privately Insured
    • Hospital Bad Debt Expense
    • Real Private Fixed Investment
    • Biotech Fundraising Cycle


    • Alternative payment models – not just a CMS thing:
      • Health Care Payment Learning Action Network, Catalyst for Payment Reform, Vanderbilt Center for Health Care Market Innovation. Some are working, some are not – we expect bundled payments will see significant take-up
    • MACRA – has even greater potential to change how medicine is practiced than anything even the ACA Post-acute reform
    • Post-acute reform

consensus expectations

    • Style Factor and Surprise Analysis
    • Estimate Revisions
    • Relative and Absolute Valuation

Please call or e-mail with any questions.

Thomas Tobin
Managing Director 


Andrew Freedman