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Two Excellent Investing Ideas (On the House) - bubble cartoon 11.02.2015

Looking for some investing ideas?

Below is one SHORT and one LONG idea with brief analysis from Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough from a note sent to subscribers this morning. (If you like what you see, you'll love our suite of investing products.)

"... Post the short squeeze “off the lows” the Russell’s draw-down is still -18.6% since July – if you haven’t been short small/mid cap, junk, illiquidity, high beta, high short interest, etc., here’s another bite at a big apple of alpha. There is immediate-term downside in the Russell to 991 (short/sell lower-highs, cover lower)."


Two Excellent Investing Ideas (On the House) - russell 2000 3 2

"...To end on a bullish note, Donald Trump would characterize today’s excellent buying opportunity in the Long Bond as very very super huge with the UST 10YR at 1.84% (on a whiff of a rate of change slow-down jobs report on Friday, our risk range implies 20 basis points of immediate-term downside to 1.64%); buy TLT, ZROZ, EDV, XLU, etc."


Two Excellent Investing Ideas (On the House) - spx v tlt

BOTTOM LINE: We are bullish on Long Bonds (via TLT) and bearish on the Russell 2000 (via IWM).