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Déjà vu, rerun, we’ve seen this movie before, replay, Rocky X. After re-reading our LVS Q3 analysis, I was struck by the similarity with last night’s release. Hedgeye was positioned long on the stock. What we thought would happen did indeed happen. The stock still looks like a long but, just like last quarter, only for a trade.

Believe me, I want to make the long recommendation, call the turn, be the maverick. In meetings with clients in New York, Boston, and London I laid out conditions I was looking for to go long for more than a trade: 1) multiple compression, 2) lower Street estimates more in line with Hedgeye, and 3) a belief that Mass has stabilized. For the first time in our 2 year-long short call 1) and 2) have occurred but it’s that fundamental point number 3 that brings us back to our keep a trade a trade recommendation.