McCullough: How To Trade Around Volatility


In this brief excerpt from today's Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCoullough offers his insights on how to trade based on current volatility and gives his current risk ranges for the VIX.

Housing Bears Getting Burned | $ITB

BREAKING: Despite all the "weather" shorts, US New Home Sales beat big in February. Real big. New home sales were up +7.8% month-over-month versus a -3.5% estimate. 


More notably... sales were up a remarkable +25% year-over-year as organic strength and very easy compares continue to support improving rates of change in housing demand.  


Housing Bears Getting Burned | $ITB - Starts

Housing Bears Getting Burned | $ITB - New Home Sales YoY


The housing bears and bond bears have been taking it on the chin the past few weeks. Housing (ITB) is up over 2% since we added it to Investing Ideas on March 4th versus 0.31% for SPY.  Our Long Bond call (TLT) is up 4.25% in that time.


We are back to net long, in signal terms on that barn burner of a Housing print.


Hedgeye reiterates our US #HousingAccelerating call articulated by our analysts Christian Drake (@HedgeyeUSA) and Josh Steiner (@HedgeyeFIG).


Housing Bears Getting Burned | $ITB - House rocket


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RTA Live with Keith McCullough

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough walked through the RTA positions as of 12:15PM ET and answered subscriber questions. Here is the replay.


LULU - Removing From Best Ideas List

Takeaway: Removing LULU from Best Ideas List as a Long. Walking through our research at 11:00 am ET Today.

We're removing LULU from our Best Ideas list as a long. We're not against owning LULU, as there's still a path to $4 in EPS power. We just don't know if management knows whether or not that path exists. That didn't matter at $37. It matters at $64. We'll walk through the reasons why as well as the results of our consumer survey (5 countries/33 brands) and real estate deep-dive this morning at 11:00am ET. 


Watch a replay of the presentation below.


Here is an overview of the key conclusions we will be discussing. Call details below.


LULU - Removing From Best Ideas List - LULU conclusions


Call Details 

Date/Time: Tuesday March 24/11:00am ET

Dial-In Number: 

Toll Free Number: 

Conference Password: 13604247

Materials: CLICK HERE


Keith's Macro Notebook 3/24: Euro | Asia | UST 10YR


Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough shares the top three things in his macro notebook this morning.

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