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Takeaway: These are the three areas of focus that we think will be new to most people in today's LULU Black Book presentation.

Focus: LULU

Other Relevant Names: NKE, UA, GPS, VFC, COLM, Puma, Adidas, Reebok

This evening we put the finishing touches on a 50+ page Black Book detailing some of the key issues surrounding Lululemon. While we’ll certainly outline our thoughts around near-term factors given the print in two days, we think that the most value-add from our presentation will come from our work into three areas we’ve never seen researched before for LULU; 1) Brand perception by country (33 brands), 2) Competitive positioning by activity (yoga, running, pilates, etc…), and 3) detailed analysis of LULU’s 80 real estate markets in the US.   

Call Details 

Date/Time: Tuesday March 24/11:00am ET

Dial-In Number: 

Toll Free Number: 

Conference Password: 13604247

Materials: CLICK HERE

More specifically…

1)      Results of our consumer survey that allowed us to assess brand perception in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and China by upper income athletic women (we’re surveying customers where LULU is growing)

  1. differences in spending levels by region on each of about 33 athletic brands
  2. what each of those brands is actually used for (for example, people talk about Athleta and Lululemon in the same sentence, but it turns out that the activities the product is used for is very different).
  3. we’ll look at differences in women’s activity level by country, whether Yoga translates to other cultures, and what sport/activity brands like LULU need to grow share in those markets.

2)      Analysis of LULU’s US real estate portfolio, including…

  1. detailed overview of market share in each of LULU’s 80 core markets (similar to what we did for RH to gage store opportunity and market size – see below)
  2. individual market saturation trend over time – which markets are driving the comp vs. hurting it?
  3. what are income characteristics of new markets versus existing?
  4. how do activity trends for female consumers look in new markets vs the existing fleet? 

RH Real Estate Example

 3 New Areas of Focus for Today's LULU Black Book - rh1

Each Column Below Represents A RH Store – We Have That Detail for Lululemon

 3 New Areas of Focus for Today's LULU Black Book - rh2

3 New Areas of Focus for Today's LULU Black Book - rh3

3 New Areas of Focus for Today's LULU Black Book - rh4