It’s All About the Dollar… - 88

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Good #StrongDollar morning to you!

The +0.6% USD Index move to +5% year-to-date is good for plenty of commodity-based inverse correlation moves (see #deflation); WTI Oil -1.2% (after a -5.3% week), Gold -0.7% (after a -1.8% week) – Copper still looks like death. 

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It’s All About the Dollar… - brye

On a related note, Japanese “Weimar Nikkei” is all sorts of jacked up on weak Yen (vs USD) to 15-year highs at +5.8% year-to-date – and this is after plenty of headline news that Japanese Corporates (70% of them) see “no need for more easing.”

We can’t imagine why… it’s only been 18 years.