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Takeaway: Apparel and Footwear global e-commerce snapshot. ICSC - current weather not helping against the easiest comp of the year.


Retail Callouts (1/27): ICSC, Global ecommerce, FAST, GME, NKE - 1 27 chart2


Takeaway: Nothing big to call out from this weeks data point. The 2.6% comp was a slight acceleration on the 2yr trend line - up 20bps. What struck us as we looked at the chart this morning was the upcoming week 5 comp, which was the first flat reading in the ICSC since Feb. 2010. As we sit here in CT in the midst of a state wide travel ban retailers must deal with mother nature once again. Not a great set-up for a blowout week.

 Retail Callouts (1/27): ICSC, Global ecommerce, FAST, GME, NKE - 1 27 chart1


E-Commerce Market Comparison 

Takeaway: We ran our own consumer survey in late December to gauge what the landscape looked like across 19 different subsectors of retail. We've presented just a fraction of the findings - focused primarily on the Athletic Space in our Athletic Black Book and Foot Locker Calls. We'll dig into the entire space in much more detail when we release our E-Commerce Black Book.

We thought this was an interesting look at the global apparel and footwear market.

  1. The first graphic shows the top 10 countries ranked by 2013 revenue totals. The growth numbers across the board are pretty remarkable. The US and Japan were the slowest growers, but were also the most mature markets in 2008.
  2. China has been on an absolute tear with a 5yr CAGR of 180%. The total sales number is now on par with the US from a base of zero and penetration is now higher than the US. That's an amazing combination of consumer adoption and systems integration.
  3. The 5 most penetrated markets are now: UK, China, US, France, and Germany. Graphic 2 shows the Global heat map.

Apparel & Footwear E-Commerce Sales

Retail Callouts (1/27): ICSC, Global ecommerce, FAST, GME, NKE - 1 27 chart4

Global Heat Map - Apparel and Footwear E-commerce penetration

Retail Callouts (1/27): ICSC, Global ecommerce, FAST, GME, NKE - 1 27 chart5

Source: Euromonitor


SHLD - Sears Canada Names Boire as CEO


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MAT - Mattel Names Christopher Sinclair as Chairman and Interim Chief Executive Officer


Sports Authority names former Pep Boys exec as chief marketing officer


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