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Takeaway: 91% YES; 9% NO.

Simply put, the PPI report today showed (shocker!) that inflation is soaring – thanks in large part to food prices.

So, we asked in today’s poll: Are you feeling the impact of higher food prices at the grocery store?

Poll of the Day Recap: 91% Feel Price Squeeze at Grocery Store   - 2

At the time of this post, a revealing 91% of voters said YES; just 9% said NO.

Of the many YES voters, people explained exactly what they're seeing at the store and how it has impacted them:

  • “I see sale prices higher than previous regular prices. I see package sizes/quantities reduced. I see quality declining.”
  • “Yes, particularly since I eat organic, unprocessed food. The prices are so shocking even on packaged food that I don’t eat that I don't understand how people are feeding their families and staying obese and still able to pay for anything else.“
  • “Seriously, who isn't agonizing over higher prices?  Yesterday, @Cub:  most varieties of apples $1.99/lb, Gallon of Land O Lakes Milk $3.99, T-bone Steak (save up to $4/lb) advertised as $6.99/lb, Pepsi 12-packs sale price of 4 for $12. Regarding Pepsi, I believe in the last 5 years, you could purchase 24-pack on sale for $3.99.  Anyone whose cost conscious is aware of price increase and/or size/amount of item/stuff decrease.  Regarding smaller package/amount size, when's the last time you were able to purchase a 5 quart pail of ice cream?  5 qt ice cream pails used to be commonplace…not anymore.”
  • “12 oz (no; not a lb); of Hormel bacon was $7.99 yesterday.”
  • “We now have a 'vegetarian' dinner in our house once/week because of the high beef prices."

Conversely, those who voted NO pointed out that “we had deflation in food prices for 7/12 months last year,” and that “professionals don't worry about the price of milk.” Another NO voted noted, “Ok, lime prices are higher -- but that's really about it. Food is still cheap in America compared to the rest of the world.”