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Takeaway: We remain bullish on the British Pound (via FXB).

After another blockbuster economic data point out of the UK this morning (November Construction PMI 62.6! vs 59.3 in October), the Pound continues to pound the Burning Buck at $1.64 versus the US Dollar.

$FXB: Don't Mess With The Pound - uk99

Guess what? It can go a lot higher from here.

Especially if the Fed engages in open-market storytelling about why the ISM growth data (best in 3 years) isn’t enough to taper.

Yes - we remain bullish on the British Pound (via FXB).

Incidentally, all of those Keynesian college professors who said austerity would kill the UK (Danny Blanchflower at Dartmouth)?

They are eating crow.

$FXB: Don't Mess With The Pound - UK Construction PMI