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Takeaway: Mucker was not at a loss for tweets today.

Rumor on the street is Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome earlier today tweeting during Janet Yellen's testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. (Say you want about Mucker, but the guy is prolific). Here are his best tweets on Yellen.



  1. Sad day in America #Yellen
  2. This is definitely the America the Founding Fathers had in mind #Yellen
  3. This is one of the best macro positions I've had on all yr, and I absolutely hate why its working
  4. I am long $GLD $TLT and $XLU today- making money for reasons that will kill this country
  5. If you know who Janet Yellen really is, you'd never have shorted the US stock market into this
  6. The Mother of All Doves will be the Mother of All Bubbles #Yellen
  7. Anyone who thought Yellen would be more "hawkish" was dead wrong - she is a raging dove
  8. This is like watching 15th century dudes do QA w/ a "scientist" who thought the world was flat
  9. Whoever trusts Yellen is going to be able to land this plane is on meth
  10. "We are not a prisoner of the markets" - right right
  11. In the sequel to Atlas Shrugged, Wesley Mouch will return as Janet Yellen Mouch
  12. #YELLEN like Bernanke "sees no bubbles", and they are everywhere
  13. #YELLEN wants Policies To Inflate (Burn The Currency)
  14. #YELLEN is committed to reflating Gold, Food Prices, Bonds etc
  15. Yellen is now opining on the valuation of the stock market!
  16. she's smirking when she talks about Gold - which is front-running her linear policy world
  17. She has prepared her whole life to try to sell you that she was put on earth to "smooth" gravity
  18. "Ripple effects are benefiting all Americans" (like the all-time highs in food and gas prices) -Yellen
  19. Yellen easily the least impressive of the last 3 charlatans selling economic policy as a "science"
  20. She can't land this Bond Bubble plane safely, its official