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Takeaway: Here's a quick look at Keith's top tweets on Twitter today.

"@DougKass typo Doug, should say "Why I've Seen"" 

@KeithMcCullough 10:56 AM

(response to Doug Kass' tweet: "Coming up on RealMoneyPro - Why I See Slowing Growth")

"Revolutionaries, Unite - and dial up the transparency and accountability volume"

@KeithMcCullough 9:53 AM

"Carl, ask Jim why he has so many mom/pop investors at home in this $LINE? @carlquintanilla @jimcramer"

@KeithMcCullough 9:39 AM

"The days of Old Media pump and dumping sources that don't show you their score, over"

@KeithMcCullough 9:26 AM

"Our Competition: half baked comedians, criminals, and journo bloggers who have never traded real markets in their life."

@KeithMcCullough 7:40 AM

(Shortly followed up with "It's like Canadians playing hockey against Zimbabwe")