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The McDonald’s bulls are counting on the McDonald’s marketing machine to work its magic on premium coffee.  I don’t think anybody in Seattle is shaking at the early commercials. 

I have seen two commercials, one geared toward men and one toward women.  The one where two women in a coffee shop get so excited about new McDonald’s lattes goes like this;

Woman - 1: Now we don’t have to listen to jazz all day long!
Woman - 2:
I can start wearing heels again.
Woman - 1:
Read gossip magazines! (tosses book away)
Woman - 2:
Watch reality TV shows…
Woman - 1:
I like television!
Woman - 2:
I can’t really speak French.
Woman - 1:
I don’t know where Paraguay is!
Woman - 2:

This is how McDonald’s wants to portray a woman willing go to McDonald’s to buy a premium coffee - stupid!   Yes, the average woman to want stop pretending to be smart so they can go to McDonald’s and be stupid again!

MCD – The Coffee Ads – Part 1 - mcdads