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The BIGresearch consumer survey summarizes the pulse of the consumers based on BIGresearch's monthly national Consumer Intentions and Actions (CIA) Survey. Approximately, 6,000 people respond every month.
  • Stimulus Check SpecialHow are consumers planning to use their gift checks from the government? Given that piggy banks have been drained in prior months in order to pay increasingly for food and gas, it appears that more than one in three (31.0%) plan to save their stimulus checks...one-quarter (24.2%) plans to pay down credit cards, while 16.4% will use their checks to pay down debt (installment loans). However, plans among those who are expecting a rebate check and those who still aren't sure if they'll receive one differ slightly...those who aren't sure are more likely to use the money for savings or gas purchases, while those who know it's in the mail (or already in their bank account) are more apt to pay down debt and purchase necessities like groceries.
  • The Impact Of Rising Gas PricesRecord high fuel prices have drivers feeling deflated as they pump gas in their autos in May...this month, 84.0% contend they have been affected by rising gas prices, up from 82.2% in April, 74.2% in '07, and a new high. To cope, consumers are resorting to taking fewer shopping trips (47.9%), shopping closer to home (43.7%), hunting for sales more often (39.8%), clipping more coupons (34.6%), and buying more store brands and generics (31.0%):