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This morning, we are seeing more of the same. Volume accelerating on the stock market’s UP move as volatility (VIX) continues to break down (-9% on the day). These 3 factor (volume, price, and volatility) acting this way in unison are, on the margin, bullish.

The VIX in particular is forming a formidable bearish Trend at the 50.98 line (thick red line), and should accelerate to the downside if/when the VIX breaks the shorter duration Trade line (dotted red line) at 46.53. There is weak support for the VIX down at 43.42, and it should bounce there… but, make no mistake, the VIX is making lower highs (vs. the 2008 peaks) on rallies and strength in the VIX is to be sold.

Be careful on the short side out there. There are some angry bears out there dealing with today’s short squeeze who know this is the right quantitative call.

Keith R. McCullough
CEO & Chief Investment Officer