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    A Decade of Revolution Declare Your Research Independence

After the Shanghai stock exchange closed overnight, the Chinese government proactively cut interest rates by another 27 basis points to 5.31%. See the chart below; China is cutting rates now, primarily because they can (the world’s largest two economies, USA and Japan, can’t). This is the 5th rate cut in the last 3 months, and a signal to the world that the Chinese are very well aware that their economic growth has slowed, but, more importantly, that they are managing this fluid situation on their own terms.

Chinese stocks are up +20% from their lows because they are leading indicators – that’s what stock markets are. The -70% peak to trough crash in Chinese stocks proactively predicted this global economic tsunami. Now they are speaking to the global risk managers, softly, telling them to cover their China shorts.

There’s a new leader in global finance emerging in The New Reality. She has $2 trillion in reserves, and she’s wearing the pants. Alongside your Christmas cocktails, you should be thinking about the ramifications of as much. British merchants who didn’t see the USA coming in the early 1900’s will remind you that history has a tendency to rhyme.