Today's Chart of the Day from Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough was featured in our Mid-Quarter Macro Themes presentation last week. (This is a Macro Pro exclusive webcast. To access the Mid-Quarter Macro Themes Update, email for upgrade options).

If you A) played hockey and B) do both fractal math and #history, you’re going to be dangerous to the establishment’s Linear Econs. Let’s look at Energy Prices as a leading indicator for future INFLATION:

A) Today’s Chart Of The Day is slide 109 of the Q2 Macro Themes Update we presented last week
B) It shows you how Energy Prices will flow through to the May INFLATION report (CPI)

CHART OF THE DAY: Energy Leading Inflation - chrt5

CHART OF THE DAY: Energy Leading Inflation - CharityHockeyGame 1920x516

CHART OF THE DAY: Energy Leading Inflation - large Free TMS Thumbnail 5.17.2024


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