Below is an excerpt from Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough's Early Look note this morning:

In today’s Chart Of The Day, I’m showing you one of the other products we created during Phase 2 of Hedgeye: our new “F1” TOP STOCK PICKS product (which emulates Formula 1 in that each analyst has 2 “cars” or stock picks):

  1. They can pit-stop in-Game and change their car (i.e. the ticker) anytime they see a catalyst to do so
  2. Best examples of that were Freedman’s decisions to add both GOOGL and PINS the DAY before earnings
  3. If their car crashes (we stop them out at -12%), they have to give their car to the driver in the pole position

CHART OF THE DAY: Top Stock Picks - tspchart

CHART OF THE DAY: Top Stock Picks - large HedgAI Email Banner 4 3 2023

CHART OF THE DAY: Top Stock Picks - large Sector Show New Product Banner  1


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