You might recognize Vivek Ramaswamy. Vivek is best known as a one-time 2024 election Presidential hopeful. But you probably don’t know Vivek as a hedge fund manager and co-founder of Strive.

Keith did a fantastic job digging into Vivek’s origin story, from humble beginnings born to Indian immigrant parents in Cincinnati, Ohio to Harvard then hedge fund manager.

"The market pays attention to [the Fed] not because they have any unique insight, but because they have an impact, and often a destructive impact, on the markets themselves,” Vivek said. "I think the Fed has done arguably more damage in the last 20-25 years than it has done good.” CLICK HERE to watch the full interview.

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And then Vivek on Fossil Fuels:

"We are going to have likely greater demands for the use of fossil fuels to power the directions that we are actually headed… These are things that actually allow us to enjoy a higher level of human prosperity, human flourishing, and human lifespan than we do in a world without access to those same fossil fuels."

Watch the entire Hedgeye Investing Summit discussion between Vivek and Keith here.

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