Count ‘em. Eight of Hedgeye Financials analyst Josh Steiner’s “Best Idea” shorts have moved to “Best Idea” longs.

Data indicates the beginnings of a bottoming and rate-of-change inflection in credit, and our prognosis is largely positive for monthly Quads from May on.

“What everyone on The Call should be noticing here in the past month is the analysts are taking their full investing cycle shorts off,” CEO Keith McCullough explained this morning. “That’s the first part. In some cases, they’re thinking about going long them … That’s being a long-term full-cycle investor.”

“This Call and process is not for noobs who don’t want to learn. It’s not for veterans who don’t want to evolve. It’s for people who really want to get better at this across the immediate and long term and understanding it takes a long time for companies to cycle their peak and try to find their troughs, and that’s what we’re doing.”

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 Our Analyst Josh Steiner Just Moved 8 Short Ideas to ‘Best Idea’ Longs - Call Banner

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