As U.S. economic data continues its deterioration, Establishment Media shills like CNBC/NYT mouthpiece Andrew Ross Sorkin are apparently claiming the U.S. is in an “Alice in Wonderland” economy. 


“Alice in Wonderland’s kind of a fairy tale, so I don’t know if that’s the most grounding environment you want to be in,” Financials analyst Josh Steiner explains in this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye. “Obviously, it’s been a remarkable year, right? You had violent rallies in January, July, November and continuing here into December. The rest of the year has been very different.” 

“Just because we’ve had a couple of good months, you’ve still got to be mindful of rate of change inflections. That’s what we’re trying to call out to let people know, before we get there, what we think is coming.” 

REITs analyst Rob Simone added the outlook in his coverage sector is similarly bleak, as commercial property owners kick the can on mounting debt. 

“[Hedge Fund Manager] Mike Taylor went on and on about this in the Real Conversation we had a couple weeks ago,” Keith McCullough adds.

“He’s a big multi-family apartment landlord and he said, ‘I’ve never seen it like this before in terms of people not making payments. Ever. Way worse than ’08.’” 

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