Every morning, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough wakes before dawn to begin the Macro Grind. Below is a brief roundup of the economic outlook he shared on Twitter this morning. 

While chart monkeys and FOMO investors sleep on the economy as a whole, Keith's scope extends far beyond U.S. stocks.

They might not "see" bond volatility breaking out ahead of Friday's Nonfarm Payroll jobs report (or the fact that eight of this year's nine NFP reports have been negatively revised after the fact), but one week into December, the recession is becoming harder to ignore.

Seven of 11 sectors were down yesterday, led by Energy (XLE) down -1.49%.

Meanwhile, the crash in natural gas and commodities started long before December.

Looking overseas, as Germany and China sink deeper into their own recessions, investors who are long India continue to get paid. 

The U.S. dollar remains strong, especially in comparison to many foreign currencies. The US Dollar Bullish Index (UUP) is up 4.5% since Keith added it to his his long-only portfolio on August 10.

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