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“This is how people with money make more money. They let the money work without crazy assumptions and taking on crazy amounts of risk.” – Keith McCullough

Imagine getting a play-by-play breakdown of the moves Keith McCullough is making within his personal long-only ETF portfolio, allowing you to follow along and adjust allocations of your own.

With our new Portfolio Solutions product, you get precisely that.

Each week, we deliver a detailed breakdown of our CEO's highest-conviction ETFs, complete with crucial position sizing insights. Whether you're a seasoned investment manager or a weekend warrior looking to boost your retirement savings, this service is tailored for you.

“This is highly valuable in a lot of different ways,” McCullough explains. “One: it shows you the discipline. What are your predetermined minimums and maximums? Most people don’t even know, they just throw hard-earned capital at the wall. Decide what your minimums and maximums are, and understand there’s a tremendous amount of diversification you can have here.”

Portfolio Solutions offers a time-efficient way to diversify your investments in asset classes that provide consistent returns without the volatility of the stock market. Devote just 25 minutes a week and be equipped to navigate the dynamic market landscape like a pro.

“It’s when you invest that matters,” McCullough adds. “It’s when you initiate positions that matter. It’s when you take them up and down that matters. We understand that this is a better process and a better way. And now, we’re showing you how to implement it.”

Don't miss out on these actionable insights from a former hedge fund manager with nearly 25 years of industry experience. Subscribe today and benefit from all Portfolio Solutions has to offer.