This morning on The Call @ Hedgeye, Senior Policy analyst Paul Glenchur explained what Thursday’s legal arguments in the Minnesota Supreme Court could mean for Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential election bid. 

"Ballots have to be printed in January, so there's an enormous amount of pressure to move on this, literally within the next two months,” Glenchur says. "I think that decision happens quickly, and it ends up on the U.S. Supreme Court docket potentially right around the Iowa caucus." 

Cases in Minnesota and Colorado will determine whether Trump will be on ballots in those states. If it escalates to the U.S. Supreme Court, it will decide his ballot eligibility for the entire country. 

“If I had to bet on where Minnesota will go, I’d bet they will probably find he’s disqualified under the 14th Amendment,” Glenchur adds. 

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Glenchur: Trump Case In Minnesota Likely Headed to SCOTUS - TC   Banner