While stepping in as guest host of The Macro Show this morning, David Salem gave a glimpse into the investing wisdom he will soon provide in Hedgeye’s new product Capital Allocation Pro

In this clip, a subscriber asked if Hedgeye’s Director of Capital Allocation plans to cover private market investing in addition to public markets. 

“The Fed in their wisdom (or not) have not permitted certain forms of private investing to be made available to the masses,” Salem explains. “That’s changing pretty rapidly, and because it’s changing rapidly, it behooves us in the new service to spend a decent chunk of time on this. It’s harder to get the data, we have some good data sources we’re adding to over time. But the answer’s emphatically yes.” 

This is just one form of insight Salem will share with subscribers when the new product rolls out later this year. For more information or to sign up for Capital Allocation Pro, email support@hedgeye.com

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