Hedgeye's outspoken, veteran Retail analyst Brian McGough recently appeared on Yet Another Value Podcast to discuss the (dismal) state of the Retail sector.

McGough laid out his bearish case on several retail companies during this 50-minute conversation. Watch the full interview above, or skip ahead to any of the chapters listed below.


0:00 Intro

2:15 What is Brian seeing in the retail sector now?

7:15 What retail companies look undervalued?

13:40 Discussing ASO's growth story

20:50 Is Hibbett cheap enough to consider?

25:20 Being bullish RH and buying their stock when they're not buying back

29:15 Comping WSM to RH

32:00 Brian's bearishness on Peloton

37:00 Can Nike really generate alpha from current prices?

42:10 CPRI's valuation and possible SOTP

45:00 Helen of Troy could be in for tough sledding

47:50 What's Brian's crystal ball telling him about the next six months?

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