Don’t expect Apple’s new Vision Pro headset to shake up the tech landscape – or the stock market – just yet. Just as the iPhone required several refinements over the past 15 years, Hedgeye Tech analyst Ami Joseph says this new product will take time to perfect.

Investors are clearly unimpressed so far as well. Shared of $AAPL dropped to under $178 at market open on Tuesday.

“I think there’s something here. I just think it’s the beginning of the road,” Joseph explains in this clip from The Call @ Hedgeye.

“It still looks like a fairly clunky thing. You’re basically still putting ski goggles on your head in the middle of your workday or living room. It’s a little bit of a strange thing, and there’s a wire that comes out to the battery pack. I think all of those things will obviously change over time.” 

Watch the full clip above. 

Apple Announcement Isn’t a Gamechanger … Yet | $AAPL  - Call Banner