A Hedgeye subscriber blinded by the performance of MAGMA stocks is failing to grasp current #Quad4 conditions. Keith McCullough implores him to open his eyes to what’s really going on outside of five mega cap Tech stocks.

“In the Early Look, we go through what is signaling Quad 4,” explains Hedgeye’s Risk Manager in Chief in this clip from The Macro Show.

“The U.S. dollar only goes up on a relative absolute basis back tested in Quad 4. What goes down the most in Quad 4? Commodities, which are absolutely collapsing. Currencies, commodities, and credit—all sectors ex-four or five stocks that you’re defining as Tech.”

Don’t let a handful of tech companies distract you from the Quad 4 reality.

McCullough: Wake Up to (Clear) #Quad4 Warning Signals - Early Look Banner