“More publicly traded companies will go to zero in the next 18 months than any time we have ever seen,” according to our good friend and uber successful portfolio manager Mike Taylor this morning.

We don’t disagree with that assessment. In fact, three candidates with a good shot of heading to zero were discussed on The Call @ Hedgeye this morning by our analysts.

“We’ve got three high-quality zeros. I like hat tricks. The rule of three. Only heard here and probably only ever will be heard on The Call,” says Keith McCullough in the clip above.

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FYI… #Quad4 is crushing a lot of companies right now. The Retail sector is particularly vulnerable, as our analyst Brian McGough will discuss in his upcoming Bone, Bagger, Bust 2.0 webcast. To view McGough and the Retail team’s rundown of 50+ tickers at 12:30 p.m. May 24, subscribe to Retail Pro.

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