Takeaway: This webcast will air on Monday, February 6 at 1pm ET. Replay available shortly after broadcast.


Join Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Diego Parrilla, best-selling author and portfolio manager at Quadriga Asset Managers, in this pro-to-pro investing discussion about the current market environment.

Topics of discussion from Diego:

  • "I believe we are in a new paradigm of 'high inflation, high volatility and high risk.' The next decade will be very different from the previous decade."
  • "Central Banks are trapped between bubbles and inflation, both their creation."
  • "Central Banks will print more, not less, as they will be forced to intervene to contain credit bubble collapse created by higher rates."
  • "Yield Curve Control is the mechanism that transforms credit bubbles into inflation. Watch out for Japan."
  • "Currency wars has shifted from 'beggar thy neighbour' to 'export inflation' and thus why stronger USD is a wrecking ball for the global economy."
  • "China is a credit time bomb, likely to eventually implode via weaker CNH. Watch out for HKD peg."
  • "Geopolitical risks remain high. Mind the tail risk from miscalculation and nuclear escalation in Russia / Ukraine."
  • "Energy subsidies are yet another example how Central Banks and Governments don’t solve problems, but simply delay, transfer, transform, and enlarge them."