Takeaway: This webcast will air Tuesday, November 22nd at 11:00am ET. Replay available after the broadcast.

In this special investing webcast, Keith McCullough and Josh Steiner explain why we believe inflation has peaked but will remain high and sticky. Keith and Josh will discuss the underlying economic data as well as the asset allocations best-suited to take advantage in your portfolio.

Here's how we described this theme in our Macro team's "Q4 2022 Quarterly Macro Themes" presentation from September 29th:

The persistency of inflation at levels untenable for the Fed will remain the condition set over the intermediate term, even as we see ongoing signs of disinflation take hold. We’ll once again break down short/intermediate and longer-term outlook for inflation through the lens of its various components.

This webcast will provide an abbreviated sneak peak inside Macro team's flagship "Quarterly Macro Themes" presentation (note: the entire 152-page slide deck and 65-minute webcast is available to Macro Pro subscribers).

If you want edge on how the big trends that will drive portfolio performance over the next 3-6 months, we strongly encourage you to watch "The Outlook." (Watch Keith discuss Macro Theme #1 "Global #Quad4 Recession" here and Macro Themes #3 "U.S. #ProfitRecession" here.)