Takeaway: This webcast will air Monday, November 28th at 11:00am ET. Replay available after the broadcast.

In this special investing webcast, Keith McCullough explains why we believe a profit recession is coming for Corporate America. Keith will discuss the underlying economic data as well as the asset allocations best-suited to take advantage in your portfolio.

Here's how we described this theme in our Macro team's "Q4 2022 Quarterly Macro Themes" presentation from September 29th:

The profit cycle deceleration is in motion and will intensify from here as the domestic economy stares down the prospect of 4 consecutive Quad 4’s. We’ll discuss the comp dynamics and detail how the conjuncture of strong $USD, global liquidity conditions, peak margin dynamics and local & global Quad 4 will conspire to capsize corporate credit and EPS growth in 4Q (& beyond).

This webcast will provide an abbreviated sneak peak inside Macro team's flagship "Quarterly Macro Themes" presentation (note: the entire 152-page slide deck and 65-minute webcast is available to Macro Pro subscribers).

If you want edge on how the big trends that will drive portfolio performance over the next 3-6 months, we strongly encourage you to watch "The Outlook." (Watch Keith discuss Macro Theme #1 "Global #Quad4 Recession" here and Theme #2 "Peak Cycle Inflation's Calculus" here.)