3 Reasons Why You Should Sell GrubHub | $GRUB

3 Reasons Why You Should Sell GrubHub | $GRUB - Restaurants GrubHub 1 12 2017 NO TEXT

Wall Street loves GrubHub. But should it? Check-out the three reasons why we think GrubHub is a short.

Guest Contributor: 3 Tips for Stressed-Out Traders To Bolster Financial Success (Part 1)

Three tips to control psychological well-being and bolster financial success.

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Cha-Ching! U.S. Wage Growth Hits Post-Recession High

After years of stagnation, worried Rust Belt Trump voters are finally getting the bump up in their pay stubs for which they've long yearned. More is coming. Here's why.

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Cartoon of the Day: Japan's Hungry Bulls

Simple ... Yen ↓ = Nikkei ↑ ... In the past three months, the Yen has weakened -10% against the U.S. Dollar. The Nikkei is up 15% over that same period.

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ICYMI: A Simple Way to Profit on Oil’s Bullish Trend

“I’m not just bullish on oil because oil is going up. On the up moves in oil, we’ve seen rising volume and breaking down volatility.”

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5 Things To Watch Right Now In Washington

It's going to be an interesting four years to say the least. Here's a quick look at four key issues investors should keep an eye on as Trump prepares to move into the White House.

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Poll of the Day: Which Country Poses the Biggest Risk to Global Market Stability?

What do you think? Cast your vote. Let us know.

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McCullough: 7 Of My Favorite Long & Short Ideas

What should investors buy today? We’ve got some answers…

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Do You Doubt U.S. Growth? Business Confidence Spikes To 2004 Levels

The election of Donald Trump has everyone from consumers, homebuilders and small businesses elated. Across each of these categories, confidence readings are through the roof. Apparently, the prospect of lower taxes and the removal of bureaucratic red tape has everyone excited. Who'd have thought?

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Cartoon of the Day: Trump's Pixie Dust

"Warm up your neck before trying to look straight up at the December Small Business Confidence Print!," writes Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough earlier today. The NFIB's Small Business Confidence index spiked to 105.8 today versus 98.4 in November. That was the highest reading since 2004.

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ICYMI: Clock Is Ticking On China’s $24 Trillion Debt Time Bomb

If you’re looking for a catalyst that could send China’s flagging economy into a tailspin, here’s one: The People’s Bank of China is pulling money out of the system in an effort to defend the yuan. But that could have ramifications for the country’s overheating debt markets too.

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How Trump’s (Devastating) Trade Policies Would Impact The Retail Industry

On the campaign trail, the Donald Trump threatened to “impose tariffs of up to 45%” on Chinese goods because under him the U.S. is “not playing games anymore.” These Trump trade policies could change the retail industry forever.

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