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The 10-Year yield & commodities

"Textbook, it's just textbook. You go to the low-end of the Risk Range; it's called a consolidation signal within a bullish TREND. It's not that complicated, there were three different times you could have shorted bonds (or gold for that matter) when bond yields went to the low end of the range."

"New cycle-highs for the CRB Index (Commodities), which we got bullish on back in June 2020. So gain, you just want to be in Quad 2 or Quad 3 to be long Commodities, because you have inflation acceleration in both."

*  *  *  *

the u.s. dollar Down (aGAIN) & The Hedgeye Pods + earnings

"3 straight down weeks for the Dollar after it got above some trivial 'moving monkey'. Again, we don't want to be linear chartists, we want to be fractal in our orientation. We want to measure and map - we want to get it right."

"Financials earnings growth is up over +183%. If you knew it was going to be Quad 2, and you knew it was going to be Pod 1 (revenue growth) and Pod 2 (earnings growth), then you obviously would've been long the financials."

*  *  *  *

retail & Buying the Damn dip in oil

"I'm selfishly hunting; give me one thing that McGough likes at the low end of the Risk Range and I'll buy it."

"If you didn't buy the damn dip in Oil like Gavin did, you missed it. You're going to get better though."