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"Wow, No Cow!" → A Boost For Oat Milk & $STKL  - 2 8 2021 9 50 53 AM

For many Americans, Oatly’s “Wow, No Cow” commercial during the Super Bowl was the first time they have heard of the Swedish oat milk company.

BuzzFeed said it was either the worst or the best thing they have seen.The company originally aired the ad in 2014 in Sweden. It was banned there, so the company had an idea of how it would be received.

The earworm jingle is stuck in many people’s heads this morning. Oatly was already sold out of its t-shirt pictured below within minutes of the commercial airing.

"Wow, No Cow!" → A Boost For Oat Milk & $STKL  - stkl11

On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Oatly is targeting a $10B valuation in its planned IPO. The listing could come as early as May.

The company had also been considering a Hong Kong listing, but it is just planning on the U.S. listing.

A Hong Kong listing would indicate prioritizing the China market. Like the commercial or hate it, Oatly will garner significantly more consumer awareness this year. What Oatly needs more than it did before the commercial is more supply of oat milk.

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